Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Somebody Doesn't Want You To Read This!

Are you receiving this?

The GEAS Superstruct foundation has been requesting help in identifying solutions to the superthreats they have identified, and it would seem that one of those threats is fighting back: within minutes of accessing the site and getting an account started, I find my cloud space has been flagged as a potential spam farm, and my activities have been restricted until I can persuade the powers that be in blogspot otherwise. Others have apparently reported difficulties accessing their accounts.

Whoever it is that is 'spinning the grief' gets marks for cheekiness!

Oh well, if the strategy these days is to make friend and foe indistinguishable, I suppose this is to be expected.


megiddo Tel said...


You've been GRIEFED!

I hope that they don't start pulling this with all of us!


Jorge said...

I just saw the warning.
A week ago Google deleted my Orkut account and didn't even give me a reason for deleting it, they just did. I contacted them, through a "I can't login to my account" form, and their answer was simple: "We can't determine what happened, sorry."
I'm heading to my blog now, if i see the same warning, i'll move to wordpress right away.

Tom said...

I got the same thing, flagged as a spam blog. I asked for review and my blog was restored after a few days.