Wednesday, October 9, 2019


Drowning in superstructures.

So much to do... so little time.
So much information!!
Where do we start? Where do we end?
More practically, how do we share out a tangled-interlocking mess like this?
It'll settle down, but at the moment, everyone's pitching in all over the place.

I suppose a site like Superstruct, if it is to work at all, will demonstrate 'emergent properties' as it reaches certain critical masses. At this early stage, the main emphasis is 'gaining mass': ideas are being laid out, and tended, and groomed for presentation. There is, as yet, little of the cross-fertilisation that is needed to make them take flight.

That would include me as well. Despite the little interdiction, I have still been able to throw a few crumbs into the stew: the notion of an online forum to allow refugees of a particular origin to retain a sense of identity, and to give them a voice.

I will need to start stirring the pot soon.

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megiddo Tel said...

I would expect this problem to sort itself out over the next week. You are correct that there is informational overload going on.