Sunday, July 28, 2019

The Grim Reckoning

The party's over, and I'm coming back to earth.

The GEAS report has certainly put a damper on the day/year/decade/whatever.
You know the one I mean, I think. We're all going to be gone by 2042 (give or take a month).

Not the news to be confronted with when you've already got a throbbing headache (does cranberry sauce ferment? It would seem so... or maybe that fab turkey had something extra)

In one sense, Australians are keenly aware of the changes that have been going on in the world in the last few decades. In others, we have been rather isolated from the world as well. ReDS? A minor worry. Food sources? Stretched, but adequate. Refugees? Yes, we've been getting more, but nothing like Europe. Internal displacements are fairly small as well (the Darling basin never having had a high population) Power? We have plenty for our needs. Law and Order?

While GEAS does not mention climate change as an explicit threat, it is clear that it is an underlying driver for most of the specific threats it mentions. So, while it all seems a bit abstract, we do know better, and I will need to see what GEAS has predicted for this part of the world.

The news is still sinking in, of course. In some ways, I'm rather detached from it. After all, in the normal run of things, I'd be slated for extinction due to Anno Domini around that time anyway. I've heard of the sixth wave of extinctions, but never thought of humanity as riding it. (No safety in numbers, it seems: remember passenger pigeons?)

I expect the reaction will come later.

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